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Design Dilemma

So what comes first, horse before the cart, chicken before the egg, your artwork design or the application it is being used for? That age-old riddle is a major consideration when it comes to corporate branding and you’ll likely get different opinions depending on who you ask. Right now, we have centre stage and backed with our decades of experience in the signage industry, we’re going to give our well-founded opinion.

In short, for the most effective result, the artwork should be created to suit the:

  • The purpose, ie it conveys the message clearly and distinctly
  • The item, ie signage on a vehicle will be different from signage on a wall or a cap or T-shirt
  • The method, technique of manufacture or application, ie intricate design elements won’t deliver the best results with certain techniques
  • The material it is being applied to, ie the same design won’t work equally well embroidered on a polo short as it does in large-scale digital printing.

Your artwork or design, should be created in conjunction with your signage/printing expert. At Sign Print Stitch, we have an inhouse creative service which can create amazing graphics specifically to suit the application.

Alternatively, we can work with your designers and advise on preparing the artwork to suit our techniques.

If you are considering a comprehensive campaign with a number of media: print posters, signage and apparel, we will work with your design elements and messages to create variations of the artwork to suit each specific item you are ordering.

Just a few ideas to keep in mind when planning your next campaign and why it is a great idea to talk to your local visual solutions experts at Sign Print Stitch before you finalise your design to ensure an effective and impactful result.