Sign Print Stitch Answers Your Questions

If you think sign and print companies talk in a completely different language, you’re not alone. We do work in a technical area and the terminology goes with the territory – we apologise in advance if we confuse you!

So if terms like colour calibrating, pixels, image resolution, PDF format, PSD, Ai, EPS, Pantone colours mean absolutely nothing to you, then please don’t hold back in asking for an explanation. We’re more than happy to explain the process to you.

First check out some of these frequently asked questions and they may answer yours!

If these don’t answer your query, then please, give us a call or email us your specific question via the enquiry form

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Colour Calibrating - Sign Print Stitch can match any colour you need. Simply supply us with the PMS colour or a CMYK or RGB colour breakup, we will do the rest.

Resolution- essentially resolution refers to clarity of an image. You will see the resolution represented on your photos and images by either the number of pixels or size of the file. As a rule of thumb, the higher the number the higher the resolution. For professional/commercial printing and signage we require the highest resolution possible for the best outcome. If you start with a low resolution image, say a logo, by the time we enlarge it for use on say a sign, it will lose clarity, appear out of focus and in some cases pixelated.

PDF – stands for portable document format. It is a global standard for converting documents into a format which can be easily shared. It is intended for documents rather than imagery. Some PDF files cannot be altered

PSD - Is a Photoshop file format, if your artwork is created in multiple layers, fonts and masks, this file will help us to understand how you'll want your file reproduced accurately

Ai - Much like an eps file ai is the file format of Adobe Illustrator. Like EPS it uses the vector format, so if you want your artwork scaled up in size it is no problem with an ai vector file.

EPS – this is an image/graphics file format which is usually created from original artwork by the designer, for commercial printing and signage use. You require special software to open EPS files and most general computer software systems such as MS, do not allow you to open these files. Usually your designer will also provide you with Jpeg or TIFF files which you can open to view the graphics. While you may not be able to open an EPS file, you can save it into your system and email as an attachment to us so we can produce your work.

A. We can print posters and other materials on a wide range of sizes. The world accepted A format of paper sizes is:-

  • A6 is 105mm X 148mm (A5 folded in half)
  • A5 is 210mm X 148mm (A4 folded in half)
  • A4 is 297mm X 210mm (A4 is the standard document paper size.)
  • A3 is 297mm X 420mm (2 times A4)
  • A2 is 420mm X 594mm (2 times A3)
  • A1 is 594mm X 840mm (2 times A2)
  • A0 is 840mm X 1282mm (2 times A1)
  • DL is 99mm X 210mm (A4 folded in 3)

Digital wide format printed posters generally suit these 3 sizes A2 is 420mm X 594mm (2 times A3), A1 is 594mm X 840mm (2 times A2), A0 is 840mm X 1282mm (2 times A1). Our equipment allows us to print a continuous roll like a banner, banner drop or continuous poster print or backdrop.

A. Yes. We are experienced signage professionals, with the necessary accreditation and will install the signage and other products. Certain conditions need to be considered in regard to installation:-

  • Unless specifically requested, we do not make provision for any electrical, plumbing, building or other structural work which may be required to install the signage. If these services are required, we will offer advice and if required, provide sub-contractors to carry out that work.
  • We exclude services in regard to concrete core drilling and wall chasing which may be required to allow electrical access to facilitate installation of illuminated signage. We can arrange and provide core holes and this will charged to you at the contractor’s fee.
  • Sign Print Stitch is not liable for any damage to services such as water, electricity, telecommunications, caused by core drilling, either directly or indirectly.
  • We offer no warranty on used signage unless previously agreed to by both parties.
  • In the event of replacing signage, the disposal of the old signage is the responsibility of the client, unless specifically requested to be completed by Sign Print Stitch and the appropriate charges included in the quote.
  • If required and requested by Sign Print Stitch, a rubbish removal bin should be provided for the installation process.
  • All mains supplies to the signs are the responsibility of the owner
  • The owner is responsible for organising all necessary approvals to install the signage from the appropriate building owners, council or other parties.

A: When we have discussed the job with you and received the exact specifications, we will give you a written quote based on that information. The quote is valid for 30 days. In the event of the specifications varying between what was quoted on and what you present us with at ordering, we reserve the right to amend the order.

A. Yes of course we work from supplied imagery. We do offer complete inhouse graphic design service and that service includes consultation on the best artwork/graphic display to suit the purpose of your signage. If you have your artwork already, we will advise you the file format we require to complete the particular work you have ordered. We prefer the industry recognized standard formats for commercial/professional signage and printing but will endeavor to deliver a great result from whatever format you provide.

A. We offer products from the catalogues of leading uniform and promotional products companies for you to select from and our pricing is competitive.

However, we also embroider on supplied garments, but we prefer to actually see the items in person to check their suitability for the process, quality etc before providing a quote.

A. A career at Sign Print Stitch Gunnedah might be just the opportunity you are looking for.

Working in a dynamic and creative industry with constantly evolving technology is exciting and working for a small business offers the additional benefits of covering many roles including customer service, technical, creative and administration.

We may or may not have a position available at the moment but you are welcome to leave your details on the online form below and we will be in touch to arrange an interview if an opportunity is open.

For more information on working in the signage, graphics and print sector, especially in regard to apprenticeships, visit Sign Careers, The Australian Sign And Graphic Association & Visual Industries Suppliers Association.

A. Each site has its own specific requirements so we cannot give a general answer to this question. Please feel free to discuss this with our team when you request your quote and we will be happy to share the knowledge we have in regard to your site. We can, however, provide the following guidelines for your consideration:-

  • Some external signage requires approval by the local council. Contact the council before ordering your signage so you have the sizes and other specifications allowed for the site.
  • If signage is to be applied to a building which is not owned by the client, approval will be required by the building owner.
  • If the local authorities request a Certificate of Performance, the cost incurred in achieving and producing this certificate by Sign Print Stitch will be passed on to the client. This should be discussed at the quoting stage so it can be included in your quote.
  • We do not include the cost of any fees which may be charged by engineers, local councils, building approvals and building drawings, in our general quote, unless previously requested to and agreed to between the client and Sign Print Stitch.
  • Please advise of any necessary EPA or other specific regulations or requirements of your site so we can discuss how to deal with these issues and include them in the quote.
  • Sign Print Stitch can provide a comprehensive sign consultation and installation service on request.

A: Wide format printing is the process used by Sign Print Stitch to produce your artwork into many substrates & materials. From A-frames, Banners, Flags, Digital Prints & Vehicle Prints, Sign Print Stitch has you covered.

A. We manufacture and supply just about all types of general and customised signage include fabrication, custom sign structures, vinyl graphics, point of sale displays, exhibition signage, cut out lettering, real estate signs, billboards, wall signs, both neon and illuminated signs, cut out laser, cut out router, foam letters, metal letters, plastic letters, plastic fabrication, digital printing, banners, display, show cards, sign systems, timber and carved designs, vehicle wraps and signage, building signs, wayfinding signs, banners, flags, window decals, motor vehicle graphics, floor signs/graphics, hang from ceiling signage, special effects for windows.

Our printing services cover a wide range of printed products across the signage and marketing sector. Sometimes signage and printing cross-over which is why we offer a comprehensive service across both areas. Just bring in your ideas and we will advise the best way to bring them into reality.

A Sign Print Stitch utilise advanced equipment and colour calibrating services to ensure as close as possible colour matching to supplied materials. If we produce the artwork and graphics for you, you will be have the opportunity to approve prior to the job being completed.

With embroidered items, we produce a sample to show you exactly how the job will look before we proceed to full production.

While we employ best practice using state of the art technology in our process, the type and finish of the material may have an effect on the colour reproduction. That is, difference between, metal, PVC, paper, vinyls, cloth, textured surfaces.

By having Sign Print Stitch produce all your campaign requirements, ie signage, printing and embroidery, we feel you will receive a more uniform and consistent quality and reproduction across the range of products.