Sign Print Stitch. Your Visual Solutions Professionals.

At Sign Print Stitch ‘about us’ is really about you – your brand, your business, your image, your time, your convenience and ultimately your success in getting your message to your market through visual media.

After 20 years in the signage business, Craig Summers set up Sign Print Stitch in Gunnedah as a refreshing, sensible and streamlined, one stop source for business branding needs.

  • Eliminates the confusion with differentiating between signage and printing by offering an inclusive visual solutions one stop shop
  • Provides businesses in the NSW central west with direct access to a convenient, expert source for high quality signage, printing and embroidery services.

Technological developments in materials, methods and manufacturing techniques along with a shift in the media landscape has led to a cross-over of many aspects of the signage, graphic design and printing industries. A cross-over which can be confusing.

Many people are confused as to who to go to for their marketing and branding materials – the graphic designer, the printer or the signwriter. In some cases they need to order from all of them to meet all of their requirements. A lot of time and hassle in sourcing a range of concepts, ideas and quotes from multiple suppliers.

Sign Print Stitch removes the confusion, saves you time and provides you with expert advice on the most suitable solution to your specifications by providing all those services at the one convenient location.

Save Time Service: design to delivery, idea to installation, concept to completion, artwork to workwear, format to finish.

Just come in or give us a call: tell us your ideas, what you want to achieve, what you need, where you’re going to use the materials, how long you’re running the campaign and of course, your budget and deadline.

We’ll advise you the most suitable way to make it happen, then – we’ll make it happen.

Complete project Service

Whether it’s for one item or entire coordinated campaign, our service and approach is the same.

  • Advise you on the best approach to suit your objective with customised solutions and combination of products to create an effective, entirecampaign.
  • Offer you a choice from a comprehensive selection of apparel, work wear, team wear, merchandise and other materials.
  • Create the design and artwork to best suit the application technique and the material you select. This is critical to the process as not every design or logo will suit every printing, signage or embroidery method. As experts in our field, we know what works best on what materials and will design your artwork especially.
  • Create a sample of embroidered items for you to see exactly how the idea will look like before we proceed with the full job order. Samples for most items produced on the spot!
  • Manufacture the signs, print the materials or embroider the apparel using state of the art technology and equipment.
  • Project manage the entire process including signage installation and application
  • Deliver your fully coordinated, high quality resources to deliver your message.

Expertise, Experience, Equipment

Craig Summers and his team have a wealth of expertise acquired through years of hands-on experience in the signage and printing industries.

Prior to establishing Sign Print Stitch, Craig developed an enviable reputation with his long-standing Grub Signs business in Narrabri.

His technical expertise and knowledge of equipment, methods and materials is matched by his creativity in design and innovative ideas.

The business is well-equipped with state of the art equipment and technology to deliver a high quality result on every job - vivid colour representation, high impact visuals, delivering messages that tell, sell, promote, inform, explain, train and entertain!

Come on in and see our set-up for yourself